Our Saturation+ method is key to changing health behaviours. It is based on three core principles.

RCT clusters


Our campaigns are evidence-based

We rely on mathematical modelling to determine how many lives each message can potentially save. Then we allocate our resources (mainly production and airtime) accordingly.

We conduct in-depth formative research to understand the barriers to behaviour change amongst our target audience. We test messages before and after broadcast to ensure they resonate with the audience and to refine them.

We rigorously evaluate the impact of our campaigns, using randomised controlled trials or quasi-experimental designs where possible.


Our messages are engaging

The human brain responds to emotion more strongly than it responds to simple information. Drama utilises emotion to influence behaviours and decisions. We broadcast stories that reflect the lives of our audiences. We embed key messages at the moment of greatest emotional drama, so that audiences remember these messages as the most powerful takeaway. All of our content is performed in local languages, by local actors and pre-tested on our target groups.


Our broadcasts are heard

Intensity is key to any commercial advertising strategy, but it has been an underrated element of public health campaigning. Our evidence indicates there is a strong correlation between broadcast frequency, campaign duration and the impact of the messages. For each radio campaign we broadcast our 60-second spots 6-10 times a day, each in multiple languages and broadcasting up to 365 days per year. We also analyse the reach of stations to ensure we use the optimal combination of stations, with the largest possible audiences.

The evidence

Showing our method is effective across a range of issues

Mass media behaviour change campaigns are appropriate for a wide range of issues, provided they are relevant to the majority of the population reached, the behaviour change is feasible and, if required, there is adequate supply side provision.

Randomised controlled trials have shown that our Saturation+ campaigns can change behaviours and improve health outcomes related to child survival and family planning. And we have additional rigorous evidence demonstrating the impact of our work on early childhood development; nutrition; water, sanitation and hygiene; and emerging infectious and neglected diseases.


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About the Saturation+ Method

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