Our vision is of a world where people have the knowledge they need to improve their health and that of their families. We apply our mass media approach to the most pressing issues in global health.

Child survival

Reducing preventable deaths

Millions of child deaths worldwide are due to diseases like malaria, diarrhoea and pneumonia that can be prevented or treated with access to simple, affordable interventions. We have scientific proof that our campaigns can reduce preventable child deaths by persuading parents to seek treatment when their children show key symptoms.

Early childhood development

Giving young children the best possible start in life

Approximately 250 million children under five years old do not reach their developmental potential, the vast majority of them are in low-income countries. Our early childhood development campaigns encourage caregivers to engage with and stimulate their children in the first three years of life, when crucial neural connections are formed. Talking, praise, play, responsiveness and nutrition are all crucial for children’s cognitive health.

Family planning

While supporting parents to plan healthy families

Using of modern contraception and birth-spacing reduces the risks of pregnancy for mothers, reduces infant mortality, and promotes economic development. Our family planning campaigns increase the uptake of modern contraceptive methods and promote women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Other focus areas

Promoting healthy behaviours

A spread of food signifying a balanced diet which DMI promotes through campaigns about nutrition


Helping mothers and children grow and thrive

Millions of children miss out on growing to a healthy weight or height due to inadequate nutrition. Under-nutrition and malnutrition also contribute to child and maternal mortality worldwide. To reduce these risks and promote children’s physical and cognitive development, our campaigns encourage breastfeeding and the adoption of healthy, varied diets.


Preventing disease through good hygiene

Millions of people in low-income countries are vulnerable to infectious disease and other health problems because of lack of access to clean water, hygienic toilets or sanitation systems. To minimise these risks, our campaigns encourage proper hand and household hygiene, safe handling and storage of drinking water, and show people how to build and use simple latrines.


Challenging misconceptions about tuberculosis (TB)

Nine million people become ill with TB each year and more than 1.5 million people die. Many people with TB symptoms don’t get tested or seek treatment, often due to misconceptions about the disease and fear of being stigmatised. Our campaigns challenge myths and change attitudes, encouraging people to get tested and seek the treatment they need.


Supporting governments in their pandemic response

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to place immense pressure on people, health systems and livelihoods in Africa. We are supporting government efforts against COVID-19 by helping millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa inform and protect themselves and loved ones from the disease.

How We Work


We design campaigns and create content based on extensive formative research and rigorously evaluate our impact.


Story-based and culturally relevant spots ensure our behaviour change messages are engaging and memorable.


Broadcasts reaches large proportions of the population 6-10 times per day, every day.