From 2010-2020, we reached over 70 million people with radio campaigns in 15 countries, improving health behaviours of over 9.5 million individuals, and saving over 5,500 lives. Your donation will support our cost-effective, high-impact work.

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DMI is a an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) with headquarters in the UK. Residents of several countries can make tax-deductible donations via intermediary organisations, with little or no administration fees charged. If you wish to make a donation to DMI, but reside in another country than the ones listed below, please get in touch with us at


The Life You Can Save has placed DMI on their list of ‘best charities’, a list of highly effective organisations drawn up by a panel of experts.


The Centre for Effective Altruism allows supporters to make tax-deductible donations from the UK, USA and Netherlands.


If you are donating from the Netherlands, we recommend doing so via the Centre for Effective Altruism which collects donations on our behalf. Donations from the Netherlands qualify for tax deductions as DMI benefits from an ANBI. Donations from the Netherlands will only be tax-deductible if made in GBP rather than USD.

Details that were submitted to achieve ANBI status are available on this page.


RC Forward processes donations from Canada and allows donors to unlock tax-credits.


We are partnering with Partners for Equity to facilitate tax-deductible donations from Australia, subject to a A$10,000 minimum donation.


We’re backed by independent evaluators

We are grateful to these charity evaluators for their independent audits which recognise our organisation as a ‘standout giving opportunity’.

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