Our mission is to create evidence-based behaviour change campaigns to improve health and save lives. We deliver campaigns at scale to maximise impact and cost-effectiveness.

We use storytelling to motivate change and use scientific methods to test the impact of our interventions.

Focus Areas

Why we do what we do

Why mass media?

We want to improve as many lives as we can, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Mass media is one of very few possible ways to cost-effectively reach millions of people at a time. We have proved that media campaigns can encourage people to protect themselves from disease, seek treatment at the right time and help them to plan and raise healthy families.

Our focus areas

We use analysis, modelling and formative research to select campaign themes and target behaviours, focusing on those with the greatest potential for impact via a media campaign. Our focus areas include family planning, child survival, early childhood development, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene and emerging, infectious and neglected diseases.

How we work


We design campaigns and create content based on extensive formative research and rigorously evaluate our impact.


Story-based and culturally relevant spots ensure our behaviour change messages are engaging and memorable.


Broadcast reaches large proportions of the population 6-10 times per day, every day.


Where we operate

We have active projects in nine countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have also delivered campaigns in Latin America and Asia.


DMI Annual Report 2019-2020

Read our Annual Report to learn more about our work in 2019-2020.