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We can cost-effectively save thousands of children’s lives by changing parental behaviours in Mozambique. Intensaúde II aims to do just that. It is a 2-year expansion and extension of Intensaúde, our previous national child survival campaign in Mozambique. It follows promising preliminary results of Intensaúde’s impact evaluation and is predicted to save 2300 lives.




Child survival and maternal health- Encouraging parents to seek treatment for children with symptoms of malaria, pneumonia or diarrhoea. Encouraging bed net use and antenatal care attendance.


26 x 1-minute radio spots, each produced in 12 languages, and videos for mobile phones.


Our radio campaign will broadcast from November 2020 to September 2022 on over 70 radio stations in Mozambique.

Project at a glance

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Our Approach


Optimising our campaign design

Modelling from our child survival RCT indicated that a national scale up of our child survival radio campaign in Mozambique could save thousands of lives of children under-5 by encouraging their parents to recognise the symptoms of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea and to seek treatment at a health facility. Intensaúde, our preceding child survival campaign in Mozambique set out to achieve just that. Saving Lives Mozambique is a 2-year extension of that campaign, integrating key learnings from Intensaúde to ensure greater reach and impact.

To ensure greater adoption of important health behaviours, we are creating spots that encourage bed net use and malaria prevention, as well as spots encouraging antenatal care attendance for pregnant mothers. We will create audio-visual content to convey more complex messages and distribute them to reach communities who may not have access to radios. And finally, following an in-depth exposure analysis of Intensaúde, we will increase our community radio broadcasting, to multiply our reach and impact in each province.


Engaging, high-impact content

For this campaign, we are conducting focus group discussions with families in Gaza, Manica, Tete, Nampula and Zambezia provinces to understand the barriers to care-seeking for malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea as well as malaria prevention and antenatal care attendance for pregnant mothers. These barriers include lack of awareness of symptoms, use of traditional medicine, distance to health centre, and uncertainty about how urgently they should act. Based on these insights, our team in Mozambique will produce 26 spots covering key behaviours parents can adopt to fight these diseases. We are also conducting focus group discussions to help us write 20 scripts promoting antenatal care and maternal health. We are working with Radio Moçambique to record each of these scripts in the 12 most widely spoken languages in Mozambique, making for a total of 312 radio spots produced.

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22 months, over 70 radio stations, 12 languages

We are pretesting our spots in five provinces to ensure they resonate with our target audience, adjusting our spots where necessary. We are broadcasting our child survival campaign for 18 months on over 70 radio stations, including Radio Moçambique’s (RM) national antenna, 11 RM provincial stations as well as over 60 community radio stations with high listenership. We will also conduct post-broadcast feedback research to gather audience reactions, these findings will be incorporated into our scriptwriting when writing more spots.


Project impact

Our Impact

Project Impact

We will gather data on exposure to our campaign as well as on knowledge, attitudes and behaviours related to child survival and care-seeking for malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhoea. We are also collecting and analysing health facility data on the number of consultations for malaria, pneumonia, diarrhoea, and antenatal care across the country. Project impact results will be posted here when available.

Partners & Funders

We are grateful to the Light Foundation for funding this project.

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What Next

Scale Up Plans

We are delivering a similar national campaign in Burkina Faso and are actively seeking to expand our child survival programming in Tanzania and West Africa.